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About us

Welcome to the page that tells a little about ourselves.

We started this website in an effort to make our hobby and interest a bigger part of our lives.

Back in the days

I (Dennis) personally collected the first pokemon cards in my youth together with my brother.
These hadn't even been around for that long (base set had just come out) when my brother and I were already whining to our parents for a few packs of cards.
A few years later, the interest in TGCs grew and I also started working on “Magic The Gathering” and “Duel Monsters” (Yu-Gi-Oh).
I also continued this for a few years until I got other priorities in my life and all TCGs ended up in the background.


In the years that followed I had 2 children who, crazy enough, became fans of Pokemon and saw the cards at school that made them really excited about it.
Of course that hit me and soon I was in the same position my parents used to be in and became the target of questions and pleas for a few packs of Pokemon cards.
In the end I gave in to the questions a little earlier and the cards were quickly purchased.
My brother has always remained a fanatic “Duel Monsters” player and collector in the background and when he heard about the Pokemon cards, his collection also passed me by.


This has all led to a renewed interest in all TCGs that I would like to express on this website/webshop.
Since I am new to building sites and setting up a shop it starts small in the hope of growing into a site and shop where every TCG collector can find what he/she is looking for.
We do all this from home and in addition to a full-time job.
Fortunately I can do all this with the help of my girlfriend who is also very charmed by the colorful Pokemon cards and is happy to help with this project. (During a game of Pokemon TCG online