Dragon Ball SCG S14 UW5 “Cross Spirits” boosterbox


12 kaarten per pack
24 packs per boosterbox

Total set: 292 types
12 cards per pack

Common : 60types (normal /holo ver.)
Uncommon : 38types (normal / holo ver.)
Rare : 30types (normal / holo ver.)
Super Rare : 23types
Special Rare : 10types
Secret Rare : 3 types


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Dragon Ball SCG S14 UW5 “Cross Spirits” boosterbox

This set goes in-depth with the new Spirit Boost skill, and true to the CROSS SPIRITS name, you can expect tons of character crossover with your favorite storylines. The -Supreme Rivalry- Secret Rares hinted at this, but this set also features the inclusion of the Xeno Shadow Dragons from the Dark Empire Saga. Fan-favorite SS4 Gogeta : Xeno is also making his first appearance!

The SS4s keep coming, so if you’ve been looking for a chance to build a deck around
them, now is the time!


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