Pokémon TCG – Sword & Shield Rebel Clash Theme Deck “Zacian”


Het Zacian Theme Deck bestaat uit 60 kaarten.



Zacian Brings an Edge to Your Game!

Sharp and quick, the Legendary Pokémon Zacian leads its mighty companions to victory! With Unfezant holding the skies and Professor’s Research keeping your options open, you have a full range of paths to reach the top. Galarian Perrserker and Hawlucha lend their courage as you wield the Zacian theme deck with valor!


The Zacian Theme Deck from the Rebel Clash expansion of the Pokémon Trading Card Game focuses on Metal Pokémon.

Like other Theme Decks, the Zacian Theme Deck includes damage counters, a one-player playmat, a Zacian deckbox, a custom coin featuring Zacian, and a TCGO code card. The Zacian Theme Deck also includes a Quick Start Rules booklet to help players new to the game.


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